Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Moon Phase Diagram

Moon Phase Diagram, from a great astronomical blog

How Dental Caries Is Formed At Human Teeth

Explain how dental caries is formed at human teeth (from

How Our White Blood Cells Fight Germs

This tells how our white blood cells fight that ugly germs. For detail, please check

Parts Of Chicken For Cooking

This explain parts of chicken to make a cooking. More observable tasty chicken meats views at

Abstraction In System Development

Interesting chart about what abstractions we do in a system development . Taken from

Ability, Capability, And Empowerment

This chart inspires me that I can still do A WHOLE LOT MORE that I had until now.. I must overcome that "delta P". Taken from inspirational site about life,

The Art Of Ruthlessness For Personal Improvement

Ruthless for personal betterness.. It's a pity that I forgot the source site f^^;